10 Cleansing Tips for the Holiday Season

If you are going to get silly this season …hey I know I am, and I am a naturopath!  We all know excess sugar, fatty food and alcohol can take its toll on your body, mind and spirit.

So here are 10 tips to hopefully help ease the pain… if you are going to drink,  eat and play hard …so to speak.

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Sauerkraut - Why is it good for us? ...and a trusty recipe.

Sauerkraut - Why is it good for us? In Germany and Poland, sauerkraut is fervently consumed daily as it is known for its ability to support digestion by feeding beneficial gut bacteria.  In Korea it is kimchi.  The proliferation of lactobacilli produced in this fermentation process also enhances the digestibility and vitamin levels of vegetables, supports our immune system helping us to fight infection.

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About Fatigue & Some Fundamentals to Help You Feel better

We can all become rundown from everyday stress, life demands and heavy schedules.    However long-term effects of stress hormones being released from the adrenal gland can lead to exhaustion, sometimes described as ‘adrenal fatigue’ and long-term can become chronic, leading to inflammation and pain within the body.

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