Much of my work has stemmed from implementing emotional health programs and working with people with chronic health conditions such as anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain & fatigue.  My passion is working with whole families to restore everyone to their optimal health.

I love working with herbal medicine & using flower essence therapy as it has such a strong traditional history and I love seeing it do its work!

I am a passionate naturopathic health practitioner with a strong desire to assist people in being the best that they can be.   I use a consultative approach to analyzing issues.  In consultation I endeavor to be a good listener and impart sound practical knowledge and advice with understanding and compassion.

Since 1997 I have immersed myself in trans-personal development & The Work of Byron Katie, which I also share with my clients.   Katie’s work has an incredible approach to life and is a practical tool for supporting and observing emotional obstacles in every day life.  This work also deals with the ‘stories’ and 'should-isms' that we all carry around with us that don’t necessarily serve us, however have convinced or influenced us that they are real.  Very powerful stuff.

I am a proud mother and have a strong connection to the earth, animals and my community.


Bachelour Heallth Science  (Naturopathy) - NHAA ECNM
Australian Bush Flower Essences - Level 1 & 2
‘The Work’ of Byron Katie - Facilitators Certificate
Quantum healing techniques kinesiology      Transpersonal development - Certificate


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