B12 Supplements & Long-Term Toxicity

Hello Lovers of Health,

this week I had a patient come to see me for long-term fatigue and generally just not feeling like himself for years.

He said: "I just feel toxic and tired...I have been like this for years" .

I discovered that he had been taking an over the counter B12 supplement for about 15+ years for no apparent reason. - He said: "I read that is good for me and I may need it?".

This is something I hear all of the time! B12 supplementation. Especially with my vegan patients. And this really concerns me. There is so much on Dr Google, recommending B12 and how safe it is because it is water soluble....this is Not true.

So anyway we did a preliminary urinary metal test and found excessive amounts of cobalt in his urine. Do you know where this comes from? ANSWER: Excessive amounts of B12 supplementation.

He had also chosen a cheep over the counter B12, which was just not absorbing in his system and it seemed, to put it simply, his kidneys were trying to get rid of the excess for a very very long time. Further investigation found he had reduced kidney function in his pathology. - A study found, B12 may lead to negative health outcomes in those with diabetes or kidney disease, including 1mg per day.

I have also seen over supplementation of those taking zinc, which can also displace copper (required by the body for the nervousness system) and over supplementation of iron, which can also effect liver function long term. - This is why testing is so important. 

Other common supplements that may be toxic or have side effects:
Vitamin K, B6, A, E, Iron to name a few.

Please make a free 10min booking if you or friends & family have any questions at all about the supplements and forms you are taking.  I am more than happy to support you all where I can.

If you or a family member are confused about your medications I recommend you go to your GP or pharmacist and ask for a medication review.

ASK QUESTIONS:  "Why am I taking this?  What are the side effects?   Do I still need it?  How long will I need to be on it?  Are there any other options?"  

If you want to find out exactly what forms and dosages of supplementation are best for you, please call me.  This is what we are trained specifically to help you with.

Love, Health & Healing to ALL!
Christine x