The Number One Principle for Health & Why Self Care is So Important

Hello to you All,

I thought I would check in with you all today.   This was prompted by a client I saw who came to see me after thinking about it for a number of years.   I had been seeing his partner for a long time, but hadn't seen her for a year so I though she had gone on her merry way.    He had been struggling with chronic health conditions for more than 20 years and he came to see me for his gut health and general well being.   We had a really beautiful first consultation.  At the end when he was leaving, he turned around and said "I have got to say something.  I have been meaning to see you for years."   He had tears in his eyes...and I really stopped, listened and waited, as he couldn't quite get the words out.   He said:  "I have seen what you have done for my wife and today I feel like I have truly been heard.  I feel like I have had so many questions answered, that have been unanswered for such a long time.   I feel like I have been waiting for this for a long time".    In his own words, he gave me his deep gratitude and thanks.   He was paying me gratitude for the space he had been given.   He was also paying gratitude to himself for giving himself the space he obviously had been waiting to give for many years.  - I am not sure if he knows this yet.   

This is why I love, this work.  I love what I choose to do.

What I wanted to talk about before I got into that story today is committing to your health and how to do that.  What I realised, also took me a long time and many years to realise.  It was my own commitment to my own health and my mental health that would be the turning point for me on my own journey.  

So Here is the Number One Principle for Health

You might need a pen.  This is a tip, an idea, a seed that I am planting.  I wasn't ready for it for a long time.

This is the talk I have with many of my clients.

Principle number one

Principle number one Is committing to making your health, your number one priority.  This means believing that you are a valuable person.   This also means (and this includes mums', dads' and animal lovers), this means you are the most important person in your life.   Because without putting on our oxygen mask in the plane, we cant help anyone else.   When we do put on our oxygen mask on first in the plane, it is a trickle down effect.   We sit at the top of the pyramid in our world and below that are our first most important people, below that are our other important people and so on.... and below that is then being able to help a whole lot of other people, beings and animals.

This is truly how I feel in my heart much deeper now that I have my own health in a place where I can truly say, I feel the most vital and energetic that I have ever been.  When I was in the deepest illness called fibromyalgia for many years, I didn't have the ability to help others.  Now I feel I do.

I still hold and practice principle number one.    If my health and well being is the most important, then I am able to help other people.  I get more clarity on this if ever I get sick or I go on holidays and I take care of my self.

How Do I Do this?

The way to do this is to have an open mind.  It can be a really different way of thinking for some people, to put themselves first when they continually put their children, their puppies or their parents first.  They put this on hold or that on hold, because I cant do this.  I hear it a lot.  I hear from my older clients who are in their 60s say, "I cant do anything for my health until I have mum or dad sorted out.".  There is always going to be an excuse.

So if you are open minded and are willing to explore the cause of your dis-ease.  You need to be willing to put yourself at the top.

I had to share this with you after my beautiful restorative yoga class at Dharma Circle, which I highly recommend if you are willing.  This is when I get clarity.  To make time for yourself, sometimes you need to get the old stuff out of the way and bring in the new concepts and ideas and allocate 'you' time.  Time for your well being.  Especially if your excuse is "I don't have time because" can map your week out on a timetable.  Allocate work time and play time.  Especially for those Virgos who like to map things out.

Self care for you may look like....

Meditation & Yoga

Walking in nature

A little country hike

Dancing or dancing classes


Self development workshops

A Health Retreat

Walking with your face in the sun

A massage

Deep breathing techniques

Weekends away

A regular holiday

True healing happens when you learn to listen to the messages of your body and you put your health, your mind and prioritise your time first.

I wanted to share this with you today because we are all worthy and special human beings.

If you have any words of wisdom or questions to share.  Please pop them on this thread.  We can all benefit from your innate wisdom too.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Love Chris x

Here is a wonderful morning meditation from Abraham Hicks - CLICK HERE

Christine Carley is a bachelor qualified naturopath supporting her clients with chronic conditions, mental, hormonal and gut health, stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleep.  She has a strong commitment to her clients and offers ongoing holistic treatment plans.   She has been facilitating trans-personal practices for 17 years.  Having experienced a chronic health condition called fibromyalgia or M.E., for many years and since childhood, she is now the most healthy version of herself she has ever been and lives totally pain free. She currently practices at Western Health Collective in Melbourne, Australia and is available for online consultations via SKYPE or FaceTime.

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